Dinosaur Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Everyone has a favourite dinosaur, and it’s not just the kids. So if you are faced with a dinosaur themed birthday party, try getting your teeth into some of these cupcake decorating ideas:


This cupcake looks like it took some messy fun to make. It is a Cupcakeasaurus and it’s featured on the Birmingham Patch blog.

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Why not look at the bigger picture, combine all your cupcakes into one big dinosaur like this one by Sweet Tooth Cupcake

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Moving onto Sugarcraft dinosaurs, this one sits calmly on a cupcake topped with piped icing grass. It is made by Abigails Bake Shop 

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Not all dinosaurs lived on land, and if you’re struggling to do the whole body, why not try these swimming dinosaurs (maybe Plesiosaurs?) as made by A Baked Creation
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However, if you have full confidence in your sugarcraft skills, try the most popular dinosaur of all, the T-rex with their characteristic short arms and large teeth. By Zoeycakes
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Whichever cupcake decorating ideas you choose, I’m sure your cupcakes will be extinct in no time.


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