Winter Snowman Cupcakes for Christmas

As if you haven’t planned enough food for Christmas already, you’ve come here to look for Christmas Cupcake Decorating Ideas? Good on you! Every occasion needs cupcakes for that extra sparkle, so take a look at these ideas which are great for beginners through to the more advanced.

Now I’m starting with these decorations by An A for Effort - they may be on cookies, but this design will easily transfer to the top of cupcakes. It should be easy to find the same sweets or similar to make the faces with. This person has used black icing for the eyes, but if you don’t have any, a couple of raisins or currents will do.

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Here’s a cute idea for some 3D snowman cupcakes by Martha Stewart. The body is made of marshmallows, the hat a chocolate covered sweet, the eyes are chocolate sprinkles and the nose is cut from a gummy sweet.

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I think this little fella is my favourite, the blue sprinkle hat looks great with the piped icing trimming. This cupcake was made by Created by Diane

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Here is a cupcake that is using lots of different techniques to make a really yummy looking snowman. With a buttercream body, a marshmallow head and an Oreo hat – there is something for everyone. Created by the Vallee Cake Company.

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So if you are more advanced with your sugarcraft, why not try something like this from Chocolate Recipes. The snowflake is made with a sugarcraft cutter, the snowman is made with a lot of patience.

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Good luck with your cupcake decorating ideas, and Merry Christmas.

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